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Mustard Seeds

Yellow mustard and mustard seed isolate

The Resource for Long-Term Trust

With strong, long-standing commercial contacts in the world‘s major growing regions as well as our own professional purchasing office in Ukraine, we secure the best batches already at the origin.

Together with our highly modern processing plant in Austria, we can accurately produce and supply according to customer‘s requirement. More than 20 years of experience and the relevant quality certifications such as IFS and ISO22000 underline our persistance and provide safety for our clients for long-term contracts.

Mustard Flower blossom, Canola or Oilsee
  • 98% industrial goods until 99.9% sortex cleaned packing quality

  • All grades always stocked in our warehouses in Austria or Germany

  • Long-term contracts with consistent, assured quality

Our Range of Mustard Seeds


Yellow Mustard Seeds


Brown Mustard Seeds


Oriental Mustard Seeds


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