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Quality Assurance

The best raw materials and ingredients for AMT customers do not grow or swim everywhere. Because quality is a question of origin, experience, the process chain and personal trust in the food sector. All of this together gives our customers security and the feeling that they have the right supplier and solution provider for years.


Ensuring the strictest quality criteria is not only a goal for AMT, but an integral part of corporate policy.


We achieve this through our long-term partnerships with ISO, HACCP and IFS certified suppliers in the most important and fastest developing areas of the world.

Our strict selection of upstream suppliers as well as ongoing controlling and regular on-site audits make it possible for AMT to deliver products of consistent quality.


We can enable post-cleaning and processing in Austria exactly according to customer requirements and up to a product purity of 99.99%.


Depending on the product, batches are checked by independent laboratories such as GBA and PLANTON. Our raw materials are subjected to extensive microbiological tests, so we check pesticide residues and impurities.


All listed items are always available in state-of-the-art IFS certified warehouses with an almost 90% availability guaranteed in food-grade quality for prompt delivery.


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