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The resource for sustainability

With AMT you benefit from our three decades of experience in trading and importing canned fruit, vegetables and fish. We are stringent in our selection process. From the multitude of qualities and possible origins, we only pick certified production facilities, which we regularly inspect ourselves and can thus guarantee the content of each can and each bag.



Regular auditing of our international production partners guarantees perfect quality.


We pack for you under your own brand or with our registered trademarks in the packaging forms and units you require.

Excellent product quality is a question of origin, perfect workmanship and respect for the product.

- Jennifer Tayel (Product Manager - Canned Goods)


Our Canned Product Range

Pineapple ring. Canned pineapple slices.
Pineapple ring. Canned pineapple slices.
Pineapple ring. Canned pineapple slices.


Sustainability and species-appropriate fishing are crucial for us when selecting our suppliers. We only work with suppliers who process legally caught fish and where the fishing is traceable. Canned tuna is one of the few animal products where the animal had a right to life before being caught. Tuna are born free and swim through the world's oceans in huge shoals. At AMT, we attach great importance to halting overfishing of the oceans. 

Top view of an opened can of fruit cockt


Whether pineapple from Thailand or Africa, peaches from Greece or Spain, mandarins from China or cherries from Serbia, only the best piece of fruit is preserved. The fruit is sun-ripened and freshly harvested and only then goes on its long journey. Canned fruits offer us the unique opportunity to eat great tasting exotic fruits even outside their typical season.

Metal can full of corn kernels isolated


Our canned vegetables are produced where the vegetables are located. The shortest route to the table is important to us. Mushrooms from Holland or corn from Hungary; top quality and freshness is paramount for AMT. 

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Are you an importer yourself? Then benefit from our agency service. We mediate the best possible offers between your company and leading suppliers worldwide. We take responsibility for the selection, procurement and shipping of your products under your brand - and save you time and resources.

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